About Us


Etekweni is a Black female’s owned Company having more than 25yrs experience in Safety, Health , Environment and Security. Our team of consultants have a wealth of experience and expertise from a wide range of industry sectors.  The Company has BBBEE recognition, is the Brand owner of SHE PPE, being personal protective equipment for women.

To be a preferred leading Professional Services    Provider, supporting clients in ensuring that:

They do not compromise on SHE thus maintaining legal requirements and sustainability;

Offering best products, tools and services through the leverage of our networks, market knowledge and  cultural/client diversity




Our Journey

SHE PPE was the brainchild of Rita Gopalkista, a SHERQ Manager in the mining industry for the past 25 years. Rita came up with the idea for PPE for women after her own challenging experiences with ill-fitting PPE that were not designed with women in mind.

Rita knew that there was a gap in the market for women-designed PPE, but had a hard time convincing the mining and manufacturing industries who felt that there were not enough women in the industry to warrant a solid business venture. But Rita, finally found a small business willing to buy into the concept and cut patterns according to her designs.

SHE PPE's trademark registration began in December 2012 and was finally registered in 2015.

On 25 September 2015, the Department of Mineral Resources published guidelines for Women in Mining Codes of Practice. This guideline became effective on 31 December 2015. In essence, the guidelines call on all mining houses to conduct a survey in terms of SIM 100904 to provide appropriate PPE for women in the workplace.


Our Vision

We strive to see a traditionally male dominated industry embrace gender diversity by providing quality designed PPE specifically for women. We want to see women compete equally with men without the need to surrender their comfort or femininity.

SHE PPE recognises that women in all other industries have the same needs and therefore; we are flexible and welcome innovative solutions to our current designs. We produce fit for purpose industrial clothing, including a maternity range or as per our client’s specifications.

Our Brand

Our brand combines the female pronoun with the abbreviation for Safety, Health and Environment to accurately describe what our workwear represents - personal protective equipment (PPE) for the safety, health and environmental well-being (SHE) of women.

SHE: Female, Women, Girl, Lady.  SHE: Safety, Health & Environment

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment, the term used in the safety, health and environmental profession to describe protective wear issued proactively by the employer against a potential risk.